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Projectmanagement can be pretty hard. Which projects are you working on? Who is doing what? Home many hours was spend on them? XsDesktop helps you to keep track on these data. In Office there are several applications that help you collecting and processing data on a project basis.


Of course there is Projects. The application for managing you projects.

Easily add your projects so other application can link their data to them.

Time registration

Trip registration

Beside time you probably also drive around in your car to meet clients. And since fuel is not available for free it is a good thing to monitor your trips. On a project basis for example so you can invoice them to the client.

Beside the project you can also filter on the car, the driver and a period in time, making it an ideal system for registration in a more general way too!


The Reporting - Projectstatus application creates a plain report of the spend hours, trips, expenses and invoices for a project. It gets all the different data from the system and build the report, giving you overview on how your projects are doing.