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Pixlr integration

Pixlr is an online service for image editing. This service is seamlessly integrated in the XsDesktop environment and offer you the freedom of online image editing from within the powerfull environment of XsDesktop.

Pixlr online phote editing


XsDesktop has an advanced system of linkable storages from different services on the internet. All images on those storages are editable in the Pixlr application, as long as their filetype is supported.

Pixlr supports the following filetypes: jpg, gif, png, psd and pxd. Pxd is their own layered imageformat.

When saving newly created images in Pixlr, it results in the image being saved in the same directory as the image Pixlr initial was started with. If you start Pixlr using menu "File", option "New...", the application asks for a target directory to store the image(s) on save.


Pixlr supports most of the modern browsers. However, you need to have Flash installed in your browser.


To use the Pixlr editor, every image that you want to open is uploaded to the Pixlr server where it will be saved temporarily during editing. When saving, the changed image will be send back to XsDesktop to be saved at the correct location on one of your linked storages.